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Welcome to Stop Worrying's "HELP!" Summary page! Here you will (eventually) find a complete synopsis of the film, with accompanying screencaps. This section will be divided into scenes for easier page loading. Because this section is so large (30 pages in all), it will take a while to finish. Right now, the first 17 pages are complete! By the time this section is finished, I hope to have the largest collection of "HELP!" images available on the web.

On each page, you will find thumbnail images of screencaps for each scene. Just click on the thumbnail for a larger image. I captured all the images in this section myself. You can take as many as you like, but please do not link back to the images directly from your web site, as it eats up a ton of bandwidth.

I claim no copyright ownership of these images, so use them at your own risk. And if you like these, I would appreciate it if you link back to my site! :-)

The Scenes

1. The Temple of Kaili 16. "A fiendish thingy!"
2. "Help!" 17. Scotland Yard
3. "I thought she was a sandwich!"
4. "Hey, Be-a-tle!"
5. Attempts to Steal the Ring
6. "You're Going To Lose That Girl"
7. The Indian Restaurant
8. The Jeweller
9. "A trite, hackneyed mad scientist!"
10. "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"
11. Filthy Eastern Ways
12. Intermission
13. Part Two
14. Part Three: Later That Evening
15. "Ticket To Ride"


'HELP!' Guess where the Beatles are now?
Bermuda!! Austria!! And what are they doing there?
Why are priests of the terrible Goddess of Kaili interested in the Beatles?
Why is Ringo being pursued to the ends of the earth by a gang of Eastern thugs?
What do they want of him - they aren't fans.
Two leading scientists hope to rule the world.
Paul is threatened by a beetle.
An Eastern beauty saves the boys' lives time and time again.
A channel swimmer ends up in an Alpine lake and Buckingham Palace has a busy day.
When Scotland Yard arrives in the summer Bahamas after unsuccessful manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain they find four Ringos but only one George, one Paul and one John.
When the power crazy scientists arrive in the Alps the boys miraculously escape their deadly weapons.
Will John live to sleep in his pit again?
Will Paul ever get back to his electric organ?
Will George be re-united with his ticker-tape machine?
And Ringo - will he ever play drums again?
(Just in case you haven't seen the movie yet we don't want to spoil the story for you but we will tell you that Ringo is the cause of it all.)