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The Indian Restaurant

Kaili members are seen stationed at different look-out posts around London, passing signals to each other. One Kaili member, standing next to a "Mr. Whippy" ice cream truck, sees the signal and runs off to notify Clang.

Clang is dining with a priest and discussing the sacrifice ritual. The Kaili member gets Clang's attention and tells him that they must leave immediately. Clang excuses himself from the table and runs off. When they reach the "Mr. Whippy" truck, Clang uses the Kaili member as a footstool so he can climb into the truck.


The Beatles approach an Indian restaurant, "Rajahama." Ringo asks the doorman if he knows anything about the ring, explaining that he received it from an "eastern bird" in a fan letter. But, the doorman is of no help because he's all English. The doorman summons Abdul, one of the restaurant workers, and Abdul remarks that there is a man inside who hails from the "mystic east." The Beatles follow Abdul inside.

Once inside, the Beatles split up and explore the restaurant. The man Abdul was referring to is standing on his head, leading John to ask, "Doesn't the blood rush to your head?" George visits the kitchen, and asks a chef, "Doesn't the eastern flavor go rather expensive?" Paul goes to the dining room, and spots a belly dancer. He asks, "Doesn't the blood rush to your stomach?" Ringo approaches the "easterner" and asks him if he knows anything about the ring. The man is clearly terrified at the sight of the ring, and claims he must lie down - on a bed of nails!

Meanwhile, Clang and the Kaili have arrived at the restaurant. The Kaili members knock the doorman unconscious, and one of the Kaili takes his place. In the kitchen, a chef is dragged out of the room by a Kaili thug. George hears the noise and goes to investigate. Another Kaili thug grabs the remaining chef and dunks him headfirst into a large pot of soup. When George returns to the kitchen, the chef is nowhere to be found. At this point, John and Ringo enter the kitchen, and George follows them towards the dining room. After the Beatles have left, Bhuta enters the kitchen, knocks out another chef, and changes into the chef's clothes.

John, George and Ringo enter the dining room and sit at a table. John asks Paul if he's going to eat anything. While Paul is distracted, the belly dancer is dragged away and is replaced by Ahme. At the same time, the restaurant's musicians are all replaced by Kaili members. Paul turns around and steps right into Ahme's arms. They begin to dance, and Ahme warns him that his friend is in mortal danger.

Clang and Bhuta enter the dining room and pretend that they work in the restaurant. The three Beatles order soup, and Bhuta runs into the kitchen to fetch some. As he dishes out the soup, we can see some items in the pot - glasses, a chef's hat, etc. - left by the chef who had been dunked into it. Some of these items end up in the Beatles' dishes.

Meanwhile, Clang strikes up a conversation with Ringo about the mysterious ring. As Clang explains the Kaili sacrifice to Ringo, John, and George, Ahme does the same to Paul (though she frequently pauses because she "can say no more"). Bhuta returns with the soup, and the Beatles comment about the strange objects they find in their bowls (John: "Somebody's been in this soup!").

Clang tells ringo that it is an honor to be "chosen" for the sacrifice, and also that the victim must be painted red before he can be sacrificed to Kaili. Clang informs Ringo that he has until 5:00 PM to remove the ring, or else he will become the next sacrifice target. At first, Ringo doesn't seem to believe him, but then he realizes Clang is serious and tries to pull the ring off. It won't budge, so he asks for Clang's assistance.

Clang grabs Ringo's hand and makes some marks on it with a pen. Ahme realizes what is about to happen, and again warns the Beatles to "FLEE!" Ringo yanks his hand away just as Bhuta slices the table in half with a huge blade. The Beatles run out of the restaurant, as Clang glares at Bhuta angrily.

6. "You're Going To Lose That Girl"

8. The Jeweller

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