Welcome to the University of Beatleology! Think you know everything there is to know about the Beatles? Why not take one of our exams and put your knowledge to the test? There are currently 5 exams available: one for each Beatle, and one for general Beatles knowledge.

If you answer enough questions correctly, you will earn a personalized "Beatleology" certificate, with your name and the date you earned it. You can earn a certificate in all 5 categories!

Each exam is worth 50 points. There are three degree "levels" you can earn, depending on your score. The levels are:
21-30 points: Registered Beatleologist
31-40 points: Certified Beatleologist
41-50 points: Master Beatleologist

Just answer as many questions as you can! Please answer all questions completely, or else you won't get full credit. For example, if a question asks for a date, please include the month, day and year. If you only include the month and day, you won't receive full credit.

When you've finished a quiz, submit your answers to:

Please include the name that you'd like displayed on the certificate! Certificates are in .jpg format and will be sent to your e-mail address.

To begin, Just choose an exam below. Good luck, and have fun! :-)


Special thanks to the following folks for their help with "Beatleology": Amalthea, bandontherun, biglou114, Drumhead15, EasternBird, FiendishThingie, HMVNipper, MaccaGirl, Miss O'Dell, PaulisMine, SarahMcCartney, Sexie_Sadie, SoftTouch, and TheFool.