Here are the questions for "Paulology." Try to answer as many as you can (remember to answer all questions completely!), and e-mail your answers to Don't forget to include the name you would like displayed on the certificate! Thanks, and good luck!

50 Points possible!

1. What is Paul's birth date?

2. What name did Paul suggest his friends use when writing him letters so that their letters stood out from the fans' letters?

3. What was so special about this name and what song was it originally included in?

4. Where did Paul meet Linda for the first time?

5. Which band was playing there that night?

6. Which song did Paul usually dedicate to Fred Astaire during the 1975-1976 Wings' World Tour?

7. What is the name of a song that Paul wrote in 1968, but never released, which bears the same title of another song, which was released, on "Driving Rain"?

8. What was the first instrument Paul ever played and how old was he?

9. What movie did Paul write his first film score for?

10. What was the name of Linda's first horse?

11. Which album contains the song "The Man", where Paul sings with Michael Jackson?

12. What is Paul's full given name?

13. What is the name of Paul's tribute song to John?

14. When Jane Asher cleaned out Paul's cupboards one day; she threw away many early compositions. Name the one that survived.

15. Which rock star did Linda originally want to marry?

16. Which Wings album is the first to feature each member singing lead on at least one track?

17. How old was Paul when he started writing "When I'm Sixty-Four"?

18. How many years did it take for Paul to finish it?

19. What bookstore did Paul help establish and finance?

20. Who gave Linda her first kiss?

21. Name Paul's parents.

22. How did Paul break his tooth and cut his head and lip?

23. What was he looking at when it happened?

24. Name two songs written for Linda?

25. Name the Norwegian radio commentator who can be heard on the opening cut of the Back to the Egg album.

26. Who is John Melvin See & what relation does he have to the McCartney family?

27. What was the name of the first school Paul attended?

28. What Wing's song was nominated at the Oscars?

29. What year was that song nominated?

30. What does CHOBA B CCCP mean?

31. What's so special about this album?

32. Name Paul's siblings.

33. Which high school did Linda attend?

34. What was the name of the band seen on the promotional video for "Coming Up"?

35. When walking home from John's house in the dark as a teen, Paul used to sing and play the guitar all the way home. One night a "copper" stopped him. What did the cop ask him to do?

36. Who were Linda's three favourite songwriters?

37. What McCartney significance is the phrase "lily"?

38. What was the name of Paul's first television special aired in the U.S. on April 16, 1973?

39. What does the LP title Flaming Pie refer to?

40. Who was the lucky 16 year old fan Paul invited into his house in 1967 for a "friendly chat & a cup of tea?"

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