Here are the questions for "Johnology." Try to answer as many as you can (remember to answer all questions completely!), and e-mail your answers to Don't forget to include the name you would like displayed on the certificate! Thanks, and good luck!

50 Points possible!

1. What was John's birth date?

2. When did John's mother die?

3. How did she die?

4. In what hotel and what city was "Give Peace a Chance" recorded at?

5. What was the room number?

6. What is the name of Elton John's tribute song to John?

7. Where was John & Cynthia's modest wedding reception held?

8. What primary school did John attend?

9. On what day did John meet Yoko?

10. Where did they meet?

11. Which New York deejay hosted an unannounced visit from John on WNEW-FM in 1974?

12. What was the title of John's first art exhibit?

13. Name John's parents.

14. What film was John's first solo feature role?

15. What was John's character's name in that film?

16. Who plays drums on "YaYa" for John's Walls and Bridges album?

17. Who was the journalist who interviewed John during the infamous "bigger than Jesus" episode & which paper did this journalist work for?

18. What were the names of John & Yoko's three cats?

19. What was John's full given name at birth?

20. What song did John perform along with Frank Zappa at the Fillmore East in June 1971?

21. What is the name of the Queen's tribute to John?

22. What EMI Beatles compilation, released in 1976, did John offer to design the cover for, but was subsequently turned down?

23. Name John's siblings.

24. What was the name of the British documentary, which was aired on December 31, 1968 honoring John F. Kennedy, Mao Tse-Tung & John Lennon?

25. Name the last venue where John performed live?

26. Which art gallery was raided in 1970 for showing John's erotic litho graphics?

27. Who was John's co-writing partner on the song "Fame"?

28. Who did John "physically assault" at Paul's 21st birthday?

29. What was the name of John & Yoko's home in Ascot that they purchased in 1969?

30. When did John form The Quarrymen?

31. What Los Angeles nightclub were John & Harry Nilsson thrown out of in March of 1974?

32. What day were John & Yoko married?

33. How old was John when he got his driver's license?

34. What song on The John Lennon Anthology was the original release with a new orchestra?

35. What did John say when he saw Julian for the first time?

36. What does Yoko's name mean?

37. On what TV show did John jam with Chuck Berry?

38. What was the working title of "Jealous Guy"?

39. On which Beatle song did John play bass guitar?

40. Who first suggested to John and Yoko, in 1968, that they use their celebrity status to promote world peace?

41. What was the first song John learned to play?

42. What is the date of People Magazine's tribute to John?

43. What John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band single was released in the US, but not in Britain in December 1970?

44. What band backed up John & Yoko on (initially) unreleased versions of "I'm Losing You" & "I'm Moving On"?

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