Here are the questions for "Ringology." Try to answer as many as you can (remember to answer all questions completely!), and e-mail your answers to Don't forget to include the name you would like displayed on the certificate! Thanks, and good luck!

50 Points possible! Good luck!

1. What is Ringo's birth date?

2. From which Western did Ringo get the idea for his name (changing it from Rings to Ringo)?

3. On what date did Ringo have his tonsils removed?

4. Where did this operation occur?

5. What is the name of the pub on the cover of Sentimental Journey?

6. What is the significance of that pub?

7. Who said Ringo is "a good timekeeper, but I've never thought of him as a great drummer"?

8. Name Ringo's siblings.

9. Where did Ringo meet Maureen?

10. What was the name of the house in Weybridge where Ringo's family lived from 1965-1968?

11. What was the name of the Japanese company that hired Ringo to do television advertisements in 1977?

12. What was the name of the hospital where Ringo stayed for 11 months when he was six years old?

13. Why did Ringo have to spend so much time there?

14. On which early Beatles recording does Ringo famously not play?

15. Who was the session drummer George Martin used to replace Ringo on that track?

16. On which solo album does Ringo finally cover that recording?

17. What 1974 rock/horror film did Ringo play the role of Merlin the Magician?

18. On what day were Ringo & Barbara married?

19. What is Ringo's full given name?

20. Where were Rory Storm and the Hurricanes playing when Ringo left to join The Beatles?

21. What brand of drums did Ringo use while playing with The Beatles?

22. How many of Ringo's solo albums have "Ringo" in the title (excluding the "All-Star Band")?

23. Name Ringo's parents.

24. What type of car did Ringo buy in 1960 after his three-month stint in Butlins?

25. What was the reason for Jimmy Nicol replacing Ringo for a short time?

26. Which Beatle arranged a song on Ringo's Sentimental Journey album?

27. What did Ringo name as his favourite television programme, besides westerns?

28. How old was Ringo when he got his first drum kit?

29. Which famous Hollywood actress is Ringo's cousin?

30. Name five non-Beatles movies that Ringo appeared in.

31. What does Ringo's daughter, Lee, do for a living?

32. What year were Ringo's parents divorced?

33. What was Maureen's given name?

34. In which film does Ringo play a character called Emmanuel, the Mexican gardener?

35. What song on Ringo's unreleased 1987 solo album referred to alcohol in the title?

36. From whom did Ringo borrow the money to buy his first drum kit?

37. What was the B-side to "It Don't Come Easy?"

38. Who plays kazoo on "You're Sixteen"?

39. Which of the following did Ringo NOT do prior to becoming a full time drummer?
Barman on a ship
Electrician's apprentice
Railway Station Worker
Factory Worker

40. Who owned the Los Angeles home that was destroyed by fire while Ringo was renting it in 1979?

41. On which movie set did Ringo meet his current wife, Barbara Bach?

42. What was the name of Barbara Bach's character in the James Bond series of films?

43. What band does Ringo's son, Zak Starkey, play for?

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