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2/12/05 - WOOHOO! Has it really been nearly a year and half since my last update?! Indeed, it has. But I'm proud to announce that I've FINALLY posted some new content! There are 28 new Photos and 15 new Beatlegs to enjoy! It's going to take some time for me to get the Summary going again, but I'm still planning to finish it. I've also plenty of other new stuff on the way, so stay tuned!

9/2/03 - Just a quick update for now. I've uploaded some new Beatlegs. I also heard from several people who were having problems with the "I'm A Loser" files, so I've made new ZIP files for those. Please let me know if you continue to have problems opening the files. I'm working on big updates for the Photos & Summary pages, so look for those later this month!

8/17/03 - I"M BACK! :-) I apologize for the delay - the new update took a bit longer than expected! But better late than never, right? I've updated the Beatlegs page - this month's offering is eight takes of "I'm A Loser." (a fitting choice, I think!) Barring any major calamities, there should be a new bootleg offering on Sept. 1. But don't worry, the August bootlegs (along with all of the previous offerings) will still be available. I've also added the next 2 pages to the Summary. I hope you enjoy the new content, and thanks for putting up with me.

7/1/03 - I've added the next page to the Summary, with some terrific screencaps from "Ticket To Ride." There are now over 450 screencaps in all! I've also updated the Beatlegs page. Last's months "HELP!" outtakes were a big hit, so I'll try to do something similar with other songs in the future.

6/17/03 - A quick Beatlegs update. I'm trying out a new server for the bootleg files, so for the time being, ALL of the previous files are now available to download! All of the files (except the "Help!" outtakes) have been converted to ZIP format to save space - please let me know if you have any problems downloading or opening the files. So if you're missing any of the previous months' files, here's your chance to get them! New files will be posted July 1 as usual.

6/1/03 - Today marks the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of "Stop Worrying: A Tribute To HELP!" Wow, that year certainly flew by quickly. Thanks to everyone who's visited the site, offered feedback, contributed photos, and spread the word about "Stop Worrying!" I really appreciate all of your support. :-)

And now for the updates - I've added 44 new Photos! Special thanks to Marcelo, who recently donated a TON of photos to the site! I've also updated the Links page. The "Clubs & Rings" page has now become the Web Rings page, and all of the clubs, cliques, & fanlistings that I've joined will now be listed at the bottom of the Home page. If you're into that stuff, be sure to check them out - I've added several new ones recently. And I won another Award too! I've also gotten rid of the monthly polls - I simply couldn't think of any more topics! If something comes up in the future, the poll will be reinstated. Also, the link to "Previous Poll Results" can now be found in the FUN! section. For the record, the majority of voters ranked "Help!" as their all-time favorite Beatles film!

And finally, I've added a special treat for you Beatlegs fans - ALL TWELVE takes of the song "Help!" What better way to celebrate the site's first anniversary? :-) Hope you enjoy all of the new updates!

5/1/03 - I've added the new monthly poll, new Beatlegs, and the next page of the Summary - with 69 new screencaps! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I should be updating this site a bit more often now that I'm done with school until August! :-) Stay tuned for more Summary and Deleted Scenes pages, a HUGE photo update, and some more goodies.

4/1/03 - I've added the new monthly poll and added 22 new Photos. There are now over 300 photos available!! I've also updated the Beatlegs page. This month's bootlegs feature songs the Beatles wrote, but gave away to other artists. Enjoy.

3/12/03 - I've updated the Shop page with a few new items - check out the Anthology DVD set (described below) and Ringo's new album! I've also put some "HELP!" jigsaw puzzles in the FUN! section. Enjoy!

3/1/03 - The Photos section has undergone a complete overhaul - I split it into multiple pages, added thumbnail images, and also added 40 new photos. I hope you like the new format! I've also updated the Beatlegs page, and added a new poll. As I expected, "Help!" lost the "favorite Beatle movie" poll to "A Hard Day's Night." I'm not too surprised - sometimes, I have a hard time choosing between the two myself! :-) And in other news, the site reached 10,000 HITS a few weeks ago! Thanks so much for visiting, and for all of your support and feedback. I apologize for taking forever to respond to emails - I do read them all, and I appreciate all of your comments. If you requested a bootleg, rest assured that I'm working on it! Things have just been very hectic, and I haven't been able to update the site as often as I'd like. I hope to get those "Under Construction" sections up and running ASAP - yes, even that mysterious "Coming Soon" section. ;-) So stay tuned - good things come to those who wait!

2/1/03 - I've added the next few scenes to the Summary. And, since it's the first of the month, it's time for new Beatlegs and a new poll! Last month, "I've Just Seen A Face" (my choice) narrowly beat out "It's Only Love" for favorite song from Side 2 of the "HELP!" album. Enjoy the new updates!

1/12/03 - I've added the next page to the Summary, with some fabulous shots from the "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" scene! There are now over 300 screencaps available, and I'm not even halfway through the film yet...

1/1/03 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry for the lack of updates last month, but I think I'm finally back on track. I've added the next page to the Summary, some new Beatlegs, and a new poll. For the previous poll, the most popular song from Side 1 of the "HELP!" album turned out to be "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away." Although I personally voted for "The Night Before," I really can't argue with the result. "YGTHYLA" is a great song, and it's the next scene scheduled for the Summary page, so look for those screencaps later this month!

12/1/02 - I've added several new sections to the site menu - only 2 of them are actually ready, but it's much easier for me to add all of the new menu items at once. :-) And actually, none of the new content is "HELP!"-related! But I think you'll enjoy it anyway. Please check out the new Features section for screencaps from "The First U.S. Visit," and the new Beatlegs section for a few recordings from the Beatles' 1962 Decca audition. There's also a new poll up! There will be more "HELP!" content coming soon, I promise!

11/12/02 - I've added 31 new Photos. Many of them are scans from my personal collection, so there's a good chance you'll find something you've never seen before! Enjoy! :-)

11/1/02 - I've added the next scene to the Summary page, and a new poll. The results of last month's poll confirmed my suspicions - although many of the voters would love to own a copy of "HELP!", it's not quite as popular as "A Hard Day's Night." I've already got a copy of "HELP!" on DVD (obviously!), but I'd definitely purchase a new version if it contained a lot of new extras. Miramax was reportedly interested in reissuing "HELP!" on DVD - with any luck, we just might see it back on the market within a few years. Here's hoping!

10/20/02 - It's been a while, so here's a nice big update. I've added a few new Links, and there are several new Amazon.com items on the Shop page (there are some great Beatles-related CDs coming out in November)! I've also put up the next Summary page, and I've updated the "Sam Ahab" page in the Deleted Scenes section, with new photos and information! The site reached 5,000 hits a few days ago - thanks for all of your patience and support!

10/1/02 - It's the first of the month, so a new poll is up. As for the last poll, it looks like EVERYONE either plans to buy AHDN, or already owns a copy! I just received my DVD this weekend, and I can't wait to watch it. (Does this mean I'll be posting some AHDN content in the future? Well...stay tuned!) I've also put up the next page of the Summary. Yay! :-)

9/22/02 - I've uploaded 11 new Photos, and another (short) Deleted Scene. I'd also like to thank everyone for all of the feedback I've received recently, especially concerning the "Summary" section. I promise to focus all of my attention on that section so it's completed as soon as possible. Look for the next update on Oct. 1.

9/8/02 - I've added several Beatles items from Amazon.com to the Shop page, including the new DVD & VHS of "A Hard Day's Night," which will be released on Sept. 24! I've also (finally) put up the next page of the Summary. Read about the first four attempts to steal the ring, including the hilarious "bathroom" scene!

9/1/02 - I'm back! And I've put up a new poll and 33 new photos. There are now over 200 photos to choose from! As for the poll, it looks like Ahme is the most popular supporting character. No real surprise there, although I voted for the diabolical Professor Foot myself. But the results were pretty spread out, with the Lawnmower, surprisingly, earning 2nd place! Remember, to see the results of previous polls, just click on the link beneath the current poll. Now that I've settled in, this site will be updated much more frequently. So stay tuned!

8/14/02 - I've added 36 new photos, and I also won another award! :-) Unfortunately, this will be the last update until September. But please stay tuned, because I have a lot of plans for this site! Here are some of the things I'm working on:

  • Completing the summary (should be 30 pages in all)
  • 10 more deleted scenes pages (4 with photos!), plus more photos for the "Sam Ahab" page
  • At least 100 more photos
  • A few more sounds & links
  • A site FAQ
  • An information page about the UK and US "HELP!" albums
  • AT LEAST two more sections...I won't say what's in them, but I guarantee you'll like them! ;-)
I want to thank everyone for all of the feedback and encouragement I've received so far. It's such a great feeling to know that people are enjoying the site. Be sure to visit again soon! :-)

8/1/02 - The second poll has concluded, and it looks like most of you have "HELP!" on video or DVD. But there was one voter who had no interest in owning a copy...hmm, let's see if I can change your opinion! ;-) There's a new poll up for August, so remember to vote! I've also put up another deleted scene! This one's pretty short, but I hope you like it anyway! I also want to apologize for how slowly the site is progressing. I was hoping to have more of the summary finished by now! Unfortunately, I won't be able to update much in August either, because I'll be moving in the middle of the month and I'll be offline for several weeks. I hope to squeeze in one more update before I leave, so stay tuned!

7/23/02 - I have some sad news to report: actor Leo McKern, who played the high priest Clang in "HELP!" has passed away at age 82. For more details, please see the main page. Also, Beatleology is now up and running! See how much you really know about the Beatles.

7/14/02 - Another award, a few more links...and 46 NEW PHOTOS! As for the Summary section: I'm still trying to decide if I should make screen captures of all musical sequences first, or just continue the summary pages in order. If you have a preference, please let me know!

7/9/02 - The site reached 1,000 hits today! That was a lot faster than I expected - I suspect a few of you hit the "reload" button a few times. ;-) Anyway, thanks for visiting, and for all the wonderful feedback I've received so far. As for the updates: the voting banners were getting too numerous for the main page, so I moved them to a separate Vote For Me! page. I also won another award, and I put up a new, more thorough disclaimer (better safe than sorry)! You'll also notice a "Beatleology" section on the menu - more about that later. I hope to get more photos up in a few days.

7/6/02 - I won an award! It's on a wall in my office. Wait...wrong movie! :-P I've also added a few more links, and I've set up a page where you can shop for Beatles posters from AllPosters.com. And stay tuned...there's a BIG photo update coming up soon!

7/1/02 - Well, the site is one month old, and it's already received over 700 hits. Not bad! :-) The first montly poll has concluded, and . . . it's a TIE! "Ticket To Ride" and "Another Girl" tied for Favorite Musical Sequence with 14 votes each. (Incidentally, I chose "Another Girl.") "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" was third with 11 votes. If you ever want to see the results of previous polls, just click the link underneath the current poll. I put a new poll up today, so be sure to vote! And look for a bigger update later this week.

6/29/02 - The Cast page is finally up! I've also added 10 new pics to the Photos section. The first poll ends on Monday, so be sure to get your votes in! I've also added a few banners for Beatles Top 50/Top 100 sites on the main page. If you're enjoying my page, I would love it if you'd vote for me! :-)

6/27/02 - The About Me and References pages are now up! And I've added two more pages to the Summary, with 55 new screencaps! Enjoy. :-)

6/21/02 - The site reached 500 hits today! That was pretty fast. Thanks, everyone! :-) And so, to celebrate, here's a mini-update. The Web Rings page will now be known as the Clubs & Rings page, and will include the cliques, clubs, & other whatchamacallits this site belongs to (as well as the web rings). There are 5 clubs up on that page. I've also added 2 more sites to the Links page. Now, back to work on those pesky "Under Construction" pages...hang in there, I have some fun things planned for this site!

6/18/02 - In an effort to decrease the loading time for the main page, I've reinstated the Web Rings page. Hopefully this will help the home page load a bit faster. I've also set up a References page, which will list the various books and publications I've used to gather the info for this site. More updates coming shortly - my goal is to finish all of the "Under Construction" pages by the end of the month, and then I'll be free to work on the good stuff. Hang in there, I have some fun things planned for this site! :-)

6/14/02 - The Links page is up! Check out some of my favorite Beatles web sites. I plan to add more links in the future, but this will do for a start. I've also joined a few more web rings. Hoping to get the "Cast" and "About Me" sections up soon, and then I'll get working on the Summary and Deleted Scenes pages.

6/9/02 - As promised, the first Deleted Scene page is now up! Click here to learn all about the Sam Ahab School of Transcendental Elocution!

6/6/02 - Added 23 new Photos! The Deleted Scenes section is taking slightly longer than I had planned, but I hope to get the first page up by Sunday. More photos, links, and other stuff coming soon! Thanks to everyone who's visited so far.

6/3/02 - Fixed up the main page a little. (Yeah, I know, these updates are pretty boring so far. Bear with me.) More photos and the first deleted scene page should be up later this week. Look for regular updates over the next few weeks!

6/2/02 - Added a few web rings and 2 Beatles Top 50 sites to the main page. I decided to get rid of the "Web Rings" section because there won't be enough to warrant a separate page. Fixed a few problems with the side menu. More photos and the first deleted scene page should be up within a few days. Look for regular updates over the next few weeks!

6/1/02 - GRAND OPENING! Uploaded 47 sounds, 53 photos, and the first two summary pages with 32 screencaps. More photos and the first deleted scene page should be up within a few days. Look for regular updates over the next few weeks!

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