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Welcome to my Beatlegs page! Over the past few years, I've accumulated quite a few MP3s of Beatles bootleg recordings ("Beatlegs"), and I've decided to share some of them with you. A bootleg is a studio outtake, live performance, or other recording that was never officially released. There are THOUSANDS of Beatlegs out there!

Here are a few offerings from my collection. If you're a serious bootleg collector, you probably won't find anything new here (although you never know)! But if you're new to Beatles bootlegs, I think you might enjoy these. I certainly did!

Although I can no longer promise a new update every month, I still intend to add new songs whenever I possibly can. If there's a song you'd especially like to see featured here, please e-mail me and I'll see if I've got it. I may not respond immediately, but I will definitely try my best to fulfill all requests!

PLEASE NOTE: This page only features bootleg recordings - versions of Beatles songs that have not been officially released. I will not provide MP3s of recordings that are already available on the official albums (including the Anthologies).

Also, all songs (except for the "Help!" outtakes) have been saved in ZIP format in order to preserve space. To access the MP3, open the ZIP file in WinZip or a similar ZIP file program. Please let me know if you have any problems downloading or opening these ZIP files. Enjoy!


BBC Sessions (By popular request!)
A Picture Of You (BBC "Here We Go," June 15, 1962)
Beautiful Dreamer (BBC "Saturday Club," Jan. 26, 1963)

"She's A Woman" (fixed 2/14/05)
Take 1 | Take 2 | Take 3 | Take 4 | Take 5 | Take 6 | Take 7

"I Feel Fine"
Take 1 | Take 2 | Take 5 | Take 6 | Take 7 | Take 9

Previous Offerings

Here are the bootleg files that I've featured in the past. And they're ALL still available to download! Please be courteous and only download one file at a time. If too many files are downloaded at once, the server won't be able to handle the traffic and I might not be able to offer more bootlegs in the future. Thanks!

Cavern Club Rehearsals
I Saw Her Standing There
One After 909 (#1)
One After 909 (#2)
Catswalk (#1)
Catswalk (#2)

"I'm A Loser"
Take 1 | Take 2 | Take 3 | Take 4 | Take 5 | Take 6 | Take 7 | Take 8

"Magical Mystery Tour" Sessions
I Am The Walrus, Take 7 (Monitor Mix)
Aerial Tour Instrumental (Complete)
Hello Hello, Take 1

Take 1 | Take 2 | Take 3 | Take 4 | Take 5 | Take 6 | Take 7 | Take 8 | Take 9 | Take 10 | Take 11 | Take 12

Songs They Gave Away
Bad To Me
I'm In Love
One And One Is Two
Sour Milk Sea

Demo Tapes
If I Fell
He Said He Said (She Said She Said)
She Can Talk To Me (Hey Bulldog)
Don't Bother Me
Good Morning Good Morning
The Long And Winding Road
Cry Baby Cry
Across The Universe
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

The Decca Audition
Love Of The Loved
Take Good Care Of My Baby
September In The Rain