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Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite Beatles web sites. I'll be updating this page regularly, so be sure to look for more links in the future. New links are indicated with NEW!.


BeatleLinks.net - The ultimate collection of Beatles links on the Net! Be sure to drop by their discussion forum, where I hang out entirely too much for my own good. ;-)

Kerry's Beatles/Paul McCartney Site

Kerry's Beatles/Paul McCartney Site - A HUGE site with an active Beatles club and over 1,500 pics!

Rooftop Sessions

Rooftop Sessions - The finest in Beatles-related fan fiction! This site is updated monthly and offers several new, exclusive Beatles stories every month. If you're interested in Beatles fanfiction AT ALL, this site is a must-see!

Crackerbox Palace

Crackerbox Palace - The page of George! George info, George pics, a George discography, a George memorial . . . it's all George and it's all good. ;-)

Let It Beatle

NEW!Let It Beatle - A new site with tons of great features, including video downloads, a videography, and lots of interactive content.


NEW!Imagine - A fantastic site devoted to John Lennon. It also contains plenty of Beatles features, as well as some terrific artwork!

Bearcat77's Beatlemaniac Page

Bearcat77's Beatlemaniac Page - This page has a complete listing of Beatles lyrics (including bootlegs), and album and EP information.

The Beatles Cards Page

The Beatles Cards Page - Send Beatles postcards by e-mail! This site has an amazing selection of Beatles postcards to choose from, including animations and midi files (and I like that background)!

The Definitive Introducing the Beatles Authentification Guide

The Definitive Introducing the Beatles Authentification Guide - A complete guide to "Introducing the Beatles" - the first Beatles LP released in the U.S., and the most counterfeited album in history.

Restless Wind

Restless Wind - A terrific all-around Beatles site. Tons of great interactive features and a beautiful George tribute page. And...they gave me my first award! :-)

The Beatles Help! In The World

The Beatles Help! In The World - A terrific "HELP!" site from Spain. This site has scans and info about the "HELP!" album from dozens of different countries, and also has screencaps from the film.

That Magic Feeling

That Magic Feeling - A cool site run by a cool chick in Germany. :-) Contains info on the Beatles' visit to Hamburg and sales records held by the Beatles.

Idle Hands - My all-time favorite Beatles film site. Includes some hilarious commentary on Beatles movie moments (including several from "HELP!"), screencaps, some terrific Beatles themes & screensavers, and more! A must-see.

The Beatles Ultimate Experience - A comprehensive archive of Beatles print & broadcast interviews. Check out the "HELP!" promotional interview, and the "Pyramus and Thisbe" .wavs!

Abbeyrd's Beatle Page - The best source for Beatles news on the 'Net! Abbeyrd's Beatles Page is often the first site to offer exclusive news about new releases and other Beatles events.

Tim Brent's Yellow Submarine Page - A tribute to one of those "other" Beatles films - "Yellow Submarine!"

NEW!The Beatles Video Theatre - RealVideo versions of several Beatles promo videos!

NEW!The Beatles' Photo Sessions - Tons of photos from the Beatles' photo sessions! Since these photos were taken by professional photographers, the quality is superb.

Beatles, Beatles, Beatles! - A collection of Beatles links from around the world.

Steve's Beatles Page - My favorite reference for Beatles album information and song lyrics.

What Goes On - The Beatles Anomalies Page - An archive of all the anomalies (or mistakes) that can be heard in all of the Beatles' recordings.

NEW!Beatle Web - A unique site with some interesting Beatles artwork. Be sure to check out the terrific "Beatles Story in Comics!"

The Beatles Re-Generation - A site for the modern Beatles fan. I especially like the "Everyday Beatles" section - a collection of Beatles references from movies, TV, music, The Simpsons, and more.

The Beatles Funnies - "Photographic fun with the Fab Four." An assortment of Beatles photos with humorous captions added. Funny stuff!

Beatle Radio - A streaming Real Audio site that plays over 120 pre-set Beatles songs. This one has gotten me through many a boring day at work! (Click on the photo of the lads on the top left to launch the player.)