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"A fiendish thingy!"

All four Beatles are piled onto one toboggan, sliding down a hill. Ringo is on top of the pile. Professor Foot is standing by a ski lift chair, watching the Beatles' progress. Algernon is sitting in the chair, holding a lasso. As the chair moves up the ski lift, Algernon dangles the lasso towards the oncoming Beatles. The lasso snags Ringo's foot, and he is lifted off of the toboggan. The 3 remaining Beatles continue to slide down the hill.

For a few moments, Ringo swings upside-down from the rope, but the rope soon breaks. As Ringo tumbles down the mountain, he sees the Beatles' toboggan approaching him. He jumps back onto the pile, and the group continues on their merry way. A snowman (or rather, a man in a snowman costume) is watching the group with binoculars - we soon discover that the snowman is none other than Clang!

Later on, the Beatles go curling. Or, more accurately, they goof around with some curling equipment. George slides the curling stones towards John and Ringo, who comically chase after them and sweep the ice around them. (Paul, meanwhile, appears to be more interested in tidying up the ice than chasing the curling stones!)

Nearby, Foot and Algernon are working on another fiendish plan. Algernon inserts a bomb into a curling stone, and sets the timer. He reports all of his actions to Foot, despite the fact that Foot is standing right next to him and can see what he is doing. Algernon slowly and methodically begins to deliver the rigged stone to the Beatles, but Foot becomes frustrated and yanks the stone away from Algernon.

Foot approaches George and offers him the stone. Although the stone is now ticking and smoking, George accepts it and tosses it towards Ringo. As Ringo sweeps around the smoking stone, George finally realizes that the stone is actually "a fiendish thingy!" George, John, and Paul drag Ringo away from the bomb and run for safety.

The bomb stops ticking, but nothing happens. Just as Foot starts to complain about how useless his equipment is, the bomb explodes, knocking Foot right off his feet. The explosion leaves a large hole in the ice. A swimmer (played by none other than Beatles road manager Mal Evans) emerges from the hole. He asks John for directions to the White Cliffs of Dover, and John points the way.

Next, the Beatles go skiing, but they run straight into Clang and several Kaili dressed as snowmen. The Beatles knock Bhuta into a tree, and then they spot Ahme, who tells them to go right. Clang, on skis, chases after the Beatles, but when he meets up with Ahme, she tells him to go left. Clang follows her instructions, and ends up performing an impressive ski jump.

Clang lands in front of a large crowd of skiers, officials, spectators, and a brass band. Three officials drag him to an awards podium, where he is awarded a gold medal. The band plays his national anthem, and his country's flag is raised (although Clang is supposedly from India, both the anthem and the flag appear to be fictional for the purposes of the film). As the camera pans across the band members, we see Ringo, John, and George dressed in band costumes and attempting to play the instruments. George seems to have a bad case of the munchies (not surprising, when you think about it!), as he has taken several bites out of one of his cymbals.

Later, Clang is sitting in the snow. It is now getting dark. Clang sets a few trees on fire with his umbrella, which apparently doubles as a flame-thrower! He then aims the umbrella at the Beatles, causing their ski poles to catch fire. The Beatles ski straight into a train station, with John in the lead. John skis up to the ticket window and utters a single word: "London."

15. "Ticket To Ride"

17. Scotland Yard

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