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Part Three: Later That Evening


NOTE: This is a long, action-packed scene that required a lot of description. Also, there are several little details in this scene that I wanted to call attention to. As a result, this page of the summary is EXTREMELY long! So, please bear with me. :-) If you haven't seen the movie, I hope you'll appreciate the detail that goes into these summaries!

Back at the Beatles' flat, Ahme is preparing the syringe that contains the shrinking extract. Ringo is lying on Paul's bed, and Paul sits next to him. John and George are sitting on Paul's organ bench. George mentions that there might be some insurance on Ringo. John angrily replies, "I wouldn't think of such a thing!" but immediately adds, "Find out, eh?"

Ahme explains that the extract will make Ringo's finger shrink temporarily. George comes over to the bed, and Ringo offers him some gum. George takes a piece and lets the wrapper fall to the floor. Paul asks Ahme if the extract is "mainlining or habit-forming," and George (referring to the gum) replies, "No, as long as you don't swallow it."

Meanwhile, Clang, Bhuta, and some of the Kaili are hiding in a van outside the Beatles' flat. Bhuta orders 4 of the thugs to "paint him red, then kill him." Clang exits the van with at least 3 more thugs. (So, that makes at least NINE Kaili stationed outside - in a moment, you'll see why I'm emphasizing how many there are...)

Back inside, Ahme assures Ringo that the extract will wear off very quickly. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Ahme is so surprised that she drops the syringe, and it lands directly in Paul's leg! The shrinking solution quickly empties into Paul's leg, as Ringo looks on in horror.

Suddenly, the thugs begin pounding on George's & Paul's doors. Everyone turns to look, and when they look back at the bed, Paul has disappeared! Only his suit remains. The others realize that Paul must have shrunk, so they start to look for him on the bed and the floor. Which brings us to...


There's a closeup shot of an ashtray on the floor near Paul's bed. Paul's pants are hanging from the bed. Suddenly, something crawls out of the pants leg - it's mini-Paul! And he's naked! :-) He looks around, then spots George's gum wrapper on the floor. He grabs it, wraps it around his waist, and slowly walks towards the ashtray.

Back outside, Foot and Algernon are approaching the Beatles' flat. Algernon is pushing a baby carriage (or pram, if you prefer) but instead of a baby, there's a record player (or victrola, if you prefer) inside. Foot stops him and warns him that they "don't want to be taken for innocent bystanders." Algernon plays the record, which is a recording of a baby crying loudly. Clang (on the opposite end of the Beatles' building) orders his men to stand by.

The thugs continue knocking, and the Beatles realize that they're going to break in. George & John run towards the doors, ready to ambush the thugs. Ringo lays down on the floor and sticks his head under Paul's bed. Ahme leaves through the basement door (the same door that Paul used earlier to get to the organ).

Clang gives the order to "GO!" Two - and ONLY TWO - of the thugs race towards the Beatles' flat. The rest of the Kaili stay outside the flat, and never make any effort to help with the attack. So why did Clang bring so many thugs with him, if only two were going to carry out the plan? I don't get it either. :-P

Anyway...one thug is dressed in blue and holding a sword, and the other is dressed in brown and holding a can of paint. For the rest of this summary, I'll just refer to them as "Sword Guy" and "Paint Guy," respectively. :-) Instead of breaking though one of the doors, Sword Guy leaps through John's window. (If you watch closely, you'll see that the actor bangs his head pretty hard on the table as he lands. Ouch!) Paul is so surprised, he nearly drops his gum wrapper!

Paint Guy enters through the window and tries to pull Ringo out from under Paul's bed. However, George stops him with a nifty tackle. Meanwhile, John goes after Sword Guy and gets him to drop his sword. He pushes Sword Guy onto the table and starts to hit him with a telephone. (If you listen closely here, you'll hear John say, "Oh, sorry, I hit him!" - he accidentally gives Sword Guy a real hit with the phone!) At one point, John speaks into the phone: "Get me the home office - he's wreckin' my home!"

Meanwhile, Paint Guy falls onto John's bed, and George leaps on top of him. Ringo runs to the other end of the flat, a safe distance away from all the action, and starts to make goofy karate gestures. Sword Guy manages to get John in a chokehold.

George stuffs a paintbrush into Paint Guy's mouth and runs over to help John. He pushes Sword Guy aside - and then starts choking John himself! John protests, "It's ME, you fool!" George says, "Sorry," but he doesn't stop! Sword Guy finally gets up and pushes the two Beatles to the ground. He picks up the sword and starts to fight with John again. George ducks behind the organ bench and warns John to watch his feet because he might step on Paul. Paul, hearing the commotion, leaps into the ashtray and ducks for cover. (Interestingly, there were 2 matches in the ashtray when Paul was first shrunk, but they have mysteriously disappeared!)

Paint Guy gets off of the bed and approaches Ringo, who's still making those goofy karate moves. Paint Guy tries to dump the paint on Ringo, but he realizes that he hasn't taken the lid off the can. As he tries to pry the lid off, Ringo grabs him and hits him in the stomach. He falls against a vending machine, causing orange soda to spray all over the place, including Paul's ashray. Paul begins to "bathe" in the orange soda, splashing it all over himself and in his hair. (Is this one of the weirdest scenes in cinema history, or what??)

Ringo runs to an "Orange Cold Crush" machine and presses a button, causing oranges to fly out at Paint Guy. The oranges knock paint guy down, but they also apparently knock the lid off the paint can. Paint Guy grabs the can and triumphantly dumps the red paint all over Ringo. Ringo is stunned, and then begins to sob. (Awww....)

Sword Guy, still fighting off John and George, sees the red paint and cries, "Kaili! He is red - kill him!" Meanwhile, John and George are busy checking their feet to see if they've stepped on Paul. Sword Guy grabs the sword and is about to kill Ringo when...

BLAM! Foot and Algernon burst through Paul's door, and Foot fires a gun at Sword Guy. The shot knocks the sword from his hands, and the two thugs immediately run out of the flat. Clang sees this and orders everyone to withdraw. (Well, if he'd sent in more than 2 people to begin with, he might have had more success!) :-P

Foot orders everyone to get up. Paul climbs out of the ashtray and retreats back to the pants leg. John, George and Ringo gather near Paul's bed. Foot (still pointing the gun at the Beatles) demands the ring "in the name of science." Ringo gladly says, "It's yours, it's yours!" but he can't pull the ring off of his finger. He begins to stamp on the floor, until he realizes that he could be stepping on the miniature Paul! He points to a spot on his shoe, and asks, "Hey, is that Paul?"

Foot tells Algernon that he'll need to operate to get the ring of Ringo's hand. Algernon sits on Paul's bed next to the empty suit - except, it's not empty any more! Algernon leaps up in surprise as a full-sized Paul appears on the bed next to him. Paul complains that he's all sticky, and suddenly notices that Ringo's all red and that Foot and Algernon are there.

As Foot and Algernon are distracted by Paul, John picks up another lamp again and threatens the scientists. Foot fires the gun, but it's out of bullets. John orders Foot and Algernon to "get out," and they do so. John finally asks, "Where's Ahme?" and the others wonder where she went.

The scene cuts to a subway or train car. Ahme is back with the Kaili, and Clang is talking to the group in a foreign language. Bhuta is confused; it turns out that he doesn't understand "this Eastern babble." Bhuta then leads the Kaili off the train.

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