Trade List

The Acoustic Submarine Teddy Bear 2 CDR
All This and World War II (Beatles covers by various artists) (unknown) 2 CDR
Another Tracks of A Hard Day's Night Sweet Zapple 2 CDR
Complete BBC Sessions Upgraded (2001 Edition) Purple Chick 11 CDR
Complete Christmas Collection Yellow Dog 1 MP3
Complete Control Room Monitor Mixes Vol. 1-2 Yellow Dog 4 CDR
Every Little Thing - The Making of Beatles For Sale Silent Sea 2 CDR
Five Point Wonderful (unknown) 8 CDR
Five Point Wonderful Sampler (unknown) 1 CDR
From Kinfauns To Chaos Vigotone 2 MP3
Get Back: The Glyn Johns Final Compilation Vigotone 1 MP3
It's Not Too Bad Pegboy 1 CDR
Last Year Silent Sea 2 CDR
The Lost TV Tapes Silent Sea 1 CDR
Meet The Threetles Purple Chick 1 CDR
One Before 911 Silent Sea 2 CDR
The Original Decca Tapes and Cavern Club Rehearsal Yellow Dog 1 MP3
The Other Side of Abbey Road Vol. 1-2 oBSoLete 4 CDR
Revolver Rains Again oBSoLete 1 CDR
Revolving Silent Sea 2 CDR
Rubber Sounds Beatles Remixers Group 1 CDR
Shea!/Candlestick Park Spank Records 1 MP3
Tuned To a Natural E Vol. 2 Beatles Remixers Group 1 CDR
Turn Me On Dead Man: The John Barrett Tapes Vigotone 2 MP3
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1-7 Yellow Dog 7 CDR
Unsurpassed Demos Yellow Dog 1 CDR
You Can Talk To Me Braines Records 2 CDR
Hidden Archives (unknown) 2 CDR
Imagine - The Alternate Album Sidewalk Music 1 CDR
Lennon Remembers: Life With The Lions DarthDisc 2 CDR
Lennon Remembers: The Working Class Hero DarthDisc 2 CDR
Your Daddy's Here Geritol 1 CDR
Arles '72 Strawberry 1 CDR
Another Flaming Pie Walrus Records 1 MP3
Back Home - Liverpool (6/1/03) (unknown - audience) 3 CDR
Back In The U.S. Tour - New Orleans (10/12/02) (unknown - audience) 2 CDR
Backyard+ Yellow Cat 1 CDR
Beautiful Evening In Moscow (5/24/03 soundcheck & press conference) (unknown - audience) 1 CDR
Bridge School Benefit (10/24/04) (unknown - audience) 1 MP3
Cold Cuts Vol. 2 Orange 1 CDR
Flowers In The Dirt Tour - RFK Stadium, Washingon, DC (7/4/90) (unknown - soundboard) 2 CDR
Off The Ground Tour - Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ (6/11/93) (unknown - audience) 2 CDR
One Hand Clapping Yellow Cat 1 CDR
The Piano Tape Mistral Music 1 CDR
Radio One's Liverpool Concert June 1990 Goblin Records 1 CDR
Ram Raw - Ram Album Extractions Mania Music 2 CDR
See You Next Time - Moscow (5/24/03 concert) (unknown - soundboard) 2 CDR
Summer Tour - Madrid (5/30/04) (unknown - soundboard) 2 CDR
Toronto 1976 Complete Voxx 2 CDR
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1-2 Strawberry 2 CDR
Beware of ABKCO! Strawberry 1 CDR
The Concert For George (11/29/02) (unknown - audience) 3 CDR
The Inner Light Phantom 2 CDR
Living In The Alternate World Roaring Mouse 1 CDR
The Making of All Things Must Pass Midnight Beat 3 CDR
Pirate Songs Vigotone 1 CDR
Through Many Years Vigotone 1 CDR
Traveling Wilburys Unsurpassed Masters Hard Rain 1 CDR

Last Updated on 3/21/2005